Blind Wine Tasting Party

Since my husband was turning a landmark age I thought perhaps I should throw him a party. Over the last decade we have come to learn a little about wine and we enjoy partaking of it as well. The theme for the party was a Blind Wine Tasting. 

A shortlist of friends were invited and instructed to bring any bottle of wine priced over $15. This was the first blind wine tasting I’ve ever hosted and since have discovered this is a chaotic way to have a blind wine tasting. However, what was started needed to be completed so with the help of a real wine expert and friend, Dan Perkins, I was able to throw a really fun birthday party.

As everyone arrived, I took their bottle of wine, uncorked it and placed it in a numbered brown paper bag secured with a rubber band. White wine had a second layer of a cellophane bag placed over the top so it could be kept on ice. Everyone was to remember their own number for the reveal later in the evening.

After a brief lesson on how to taste and rate the wine, we enjoyed 90 minutes of tasting and eating. The reveal was real simple, we did a raise of hands based on each guest’s highest score. We had a tie for first place: 2004, Long Flat, Barossa Shiraz $19.00 and 2006, Braganini Reserve, Michigan Traminette, $17. The winners were able to go home with a 2004 Columbia Crest, Merlot rated 95 points by Wine Spectator.

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  1. We make a Blind Wine kit called BlindWine, Wine Tasting Game. Makes putting the party together very easy and gives you everything you need to host a blindwine party.


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