Headboard Made From Euro Shams

Do you love the look of a tall plush high-end headboard, but you don’t love the price? I just have to share with you how I made my king-size headboard out of store-bought pillow shams!

Shopping List
3 Euro Shams
Sheet of Styrofoam insulation such as Poly Shield
Shipping Tape
Drywall screws
2 1x4 pine board
1 1x6 pine board
Double sticky tape
3 large fabric covered buttons (these come in a kit in the sewing section of your craft store)

1)    Paint the wall the same dark brown as your pillow shams.
2)    Cut the boards the length you need them. I used 1x4’s on the sides and a 1x6 as the top piece. Paint them with the same brown paint.
3)    Measure the distance between the inner edges of your headboard and divide by three. This will be the measurement that you cut the Poly Shield into 3 squares.
4)    Cover each square with batting.
5)    Cover each square with one Euro sized pillow sham and secure on the back with shipping tape.
6)    Install the first panel in the center by securing with one drywall screw right through the center of the sham. Repeat with the end panels.
7)    Install the brown trim securing with drywall screws.
8)    Make three large fabric buttons and secure in the center of each panel with a needle and thread.

 Poly Shield is light weight and super affordable
 Cover with batting

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