Cheap Pot Rack

I love the homey feeling of a pot rack in a kitchen. Not to mention it is a complete storage solution! I don't have an island or a place in my kitchen where I can hang a pot rack in the center of the room so it had to go on the wall.

Pot racks can cost up to hundreds of dollars so here is my cheap pot rack solution. An Ikea coat rack for $19.99. Giant "s" hooks hang the cookware.

Hanging tip. If you can't secure directly to the wall studs, then you may want to mount a couple of 1 x 6 boards across the back of the wall to the studs and then mount the pot rack on the boards. When you look closely, you can see I did this in my first photo. This will ensure that your pot rack doesn't shake loose in a heavy thunderstorm in the middle of the night and crash to the floor. Speaking from experience.

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