Firewood Art

There is nothing like a toasty, roaring fire on a cold morning. My current fireplace is gas and one thing I really miss about a wood-burning fireplace is that cozy stack of firewood next to the hearth.

I came up with this modern twist on a stack of firewood. If you ask me, I think it's pretty rustchic!

Measure and cut 2x4's to size. Glue and secure the corners with two "L" brackets at each corner and allow the glue to dry. On the back, glue and screw every 6 inches a piece of 7/16 OSB sheathing.

Cut a variety of logs different widths. No measuring needed because you want 
it to be organic and random! Be sure to clamp round logs to the saw fence as 
they have a tendency to spin.

Once you have figured out where all of the logs will go, secure with glue and allow to dry.


  1. Looks like you can grab one out of the stack! Love it, cozy. Love the new white look of the mantel too!


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