Repurposed Side Table - Lack Hack

I named this post "Lack Hack" because that is exactly what it is. This is an Ikea Lack side table that I've hacked the legs off of to be used as a serving area. One of the best catering or tablescape tricks is to tier your food. It gives it such great dimension, flow and just looks appetizing.

Most of the time when I put out the spread it's much bigger than this, but we had a few friends over for New Year's Eve and I didn't want a big hoop-di-doo.  However, I wanted our snacks to feel festive--it's important to me that my friends feel special. I literally cut the legs in half 45 minutes before they arrived!

Next trip to Ikea, I'm picking up two or three of these in black and cutting them different heights to use on my formal dining room table for the next big party!

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