Knife Magnet for Art Supplies

As mentioned when I showed off my art studio I would show you around and share with you some specific storage and display ideas.

This is my old farmhouse table. Yes, I was married in the 80’s so remember the farmhouse table? You may have one yourself. I don’t create my projects or scrapbooks sitting down. I’m always moving from the paper cutter to the die cuts to the ribbon to the embellishments. If you know me, I just don’t sit down anyway. (Try to get me to sit and watch a 2 hour movie.)

I wanted the table higher and I was going to rework the legs with new 4x4 lumber, but the solution was easier than that. I just put the table on bed risers I found in storage. Viola--the perfect height!

I am organized – yes. But if a supply or embellishment is stored away in a cute little box or in a drawer I may not remember that I’ve purchased it. Especially if it has been months since I’ve created a project.

I find I use all of my supplies much more when I can see them. If I come to a creative halt, then I can just stare at what I’ve got and maybe inspiration will pop out at me.

These are two knife magnets mounted next to each other. All those little do-dads such as tags, wire, rub offs and decorative staples are stored and easily viewed in small zip bags. I use a small binder clips to keep them stuck to the magnet. How easy is that?

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  1. Hi - I am a quilt teacher with images of table leg raisers on my supply lists for students to utilize. May I copy your picture and post a reduced size one on my website? Jan Krentz -


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