Table Setting Burlap & Glass

You know me. I love the rustic and the chic mixed together! Sticking with classic neutrals for a holiday dinner party, I mixed the organic texture of burlap with my formal china. Simple and elegant.

The burlap runner was easy to make. Since my table can extend over 8 feet long, I purchased 3 yards of burlap from the fabric store and then cut it in half length wise. I then cut the selvage off the other side. (The selvage is the narrow border on the edge of fabric to keep it from raveling.)

Grab a piece of strand from one edge of the burlap then pull it all the way out. Repeat until you get the width of fray you like. Mine is about 2 inches. The more bold, the better in my opinion. Do this on both sides and on the ends.

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  1. Love this mix....keeps you focused. You can see all the details of your table decor when it is set off with the burlap. Great Idea!


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