Repurposed Wine Box

The holidays are the perfect time to pick up a tip like this one. When perusing the big box and warehouse stores this holiday season, keep your eyes open for seasonal gift sets or upscale packaging you can only find that time of the year.

Two years ago, I picked up three bottles of wine that came packaged in this box. The wine wasn't priced any higher that normal--it just came packaged for gift giving. Yes, the wine was good but better yet, I've been able to repurpose the box several times over.

A tip like this is perfect if you are short on space. You can see in the picture of my dining room table, it came with a lid. So you could use the box opened or closed. Some ways I thought to use the box that I don't have pictured could be: jewelery, ties, socks, toiletries, bags of snacks, granola bars, candy buffet, rolled flatware in napkins. Leave me a comment on how you would use it.

Use it to tier your centerpiece or raise up serving pieces on a buffet table.

Perfect for flatware.

I have weekly meetings in my home, so I keep this fully 
stocked and ready for the perfect cup of coffee!

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  1. I'm always looking for ways to get more organized. Without a good system, I utilize my "pile-it's license."


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