DIY Christmas Art

I thought it would be fun to replace my every-day breakfast nook art with some Christmas art. I wanted to do a Christmas carol and chose Silent Night--one of my favorites!

Though the canvas already came white, I went ahead and applied a coat of white latex to smooth out the surface a little before painting my words and make it look as if I didn't just slop it together.

Using Wordle I copied and pasted the lyrics into the create box and hit the "go" button. If you aren't familiar with Wordle, it takes any words you paste into the create box and jumbles them around. You can keep clicking the "randomize" button until you get the design you like. There are a slew of options to choose from such as: removing common English words, more vertical, more horizontal, as well as a large variety of fonts.

Once I got the layout I liked, I printed it black and white so it would be easy to trace and used my Artograph Tracer. Because I used two canvases, I hung them right next to each other during the tracing process and then hung them a few inches apart when I was finished.

After I traced all of the words, I filled them in with the same color red I used in the rest of my breakfast nook. I think it looks awesome!


  1. I want to do canvases like this for each kid. Including name, birthday, time of birth, weight/length...etc
    Who knew it could be that easy!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Toni. Good luck on yours.


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