Frugal Front Porch

Be sure to always check your favorite garden store or home-improvement store's garden department damaged section before you buy. You can find current shipments of plants and flowers slightly damaged for a bargain! I picked up two of the orange gallon mums for $3.00 and the rust mums (that came in an adorable basket) for $2.50 at the beginning of the season. Because they were damaged, they were marked 75% off. I came home, gave them a little hair cut and viola--three plants for the price of one!

Front door wreath history can be dated as far back as 776 B.C. This year I picked up this 36-inch grapevine wreath at Michael's with a 50% coupon for a total of $7.50! Instead of hanging on the door--which it was too big for--I simply propped it next to it. A something little unexpected and a fun twist.

Decorating for the season doesn't have to be expensive. Take inventory of what you already have, clip your coupons, and check the clearance rack first!

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