DIY Water Fountain Instructions

Want to build a water fountain like mine?

Shopping list --
* One large ceramic pot
* One small ceramic pot
* 20 brick pavers
* Small fountain pump
* 3 feet of rubber tubing
* Fountain head
* silicone caulking
* 3 pounds sand

Using a masonry bit, drill a hole in the bottom of the large pot big enough for the electrical cord of the pump to fit through.

Set your pump in place and seal the hole with silicone caulking. Allow time for the silicone to set.

Spread out the sand where you want your fountain to go. Set the large pot on the sand and level.

Stack the bricks inside the large pot to just below the rim. Attach the rubber tubing to the pump and run up through the middle of the bricks.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the smaller pot that will be the top part of the fountain big enough for the pipe of the fountain head to fit through. Attach the rubber tubing to the fountain head and adjust inside the smaller pot.

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