My Art Studio

I have to admit I have just as much fun shopping and organizing my art supplies as I do physically creating. This last week I moved my art studio from a room in the basement to an empty bedroom on the main floor of the house.

I decided on the move because I wasn’t using the old space. This area was near the guitar hero, the PS3, the punching bag, treadmill, the DVD wall with 3 built in televisions. Many times in the old studio I would want to listen to jazz and sip wine while I worked on my altered book, made a card or worked on the years of photos I am behind in cropping -- but was competing with the media room next door.

In my new art studio, the morning sun streams in through the windows just barely missing my rows of paper. The carpet is soft on my bare feet and it is only steps to the coffee pot. I have already found myself wandering into the space dreaming of what project I want to begin next. Already Kasidy has completed a project and has moved on to her second. John spent a couple of hours in the studio the other night altering some pages in yet another book.

As mentioned, I enjoy the art of organization and I have some pretty creative storage and display ideas in my art studio. I’ll be sharing these with you over the next couple of days. Be sure come back and check them out.


  1. Love this room - the yellow is magnificent!! What do you create in here? I guess scrapbooks and altered books are on the list, but anything else?

  2. glad my room went to good use : D

  3. This room is beautiful. What is an altered book? I am like you, in that I love setting up the space to write, reading about writing and the smell of delicious books almost more than I love writing.


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