S'more Kit

The backyard bonfire was new to us when we moved from California to Michigan. Oh sure, I had been to a bonfire before -- at the lake, on the beach or at summer camp.

I am talking about the pit in your back yard kind of bonfire. Everyone has one -- and I don’t say this as a schoolgirl who wants the latest color of crocks or Hannah Montana garb. The kids and I have been begging John to dig a four-foot hole in our back yard since we’ve gathered around other’s fire pits our first summer in Michigan. This spring he caved. Yes!

For our son, Connor, it really isn’t a question of if there is a bonfire this weekend – the question is simply who’s house is it at. I am excited that we are hosting some of those bonfires this summer.

Following my need to be the “cool” mom that keeps sodas stocked in the mini fridge and Doritos on the shelf just in case our home is decided upon as the teen hang out on any random night, I needed to have S’More supplies stocked up for the bonfire.

I found an out-of-use paper plate basket and loaded it up with the necessary supplies. This sits on the pantry counter ready to go just in case the bonfire is in our backyard this weekend.


  1. Great idea. We have friends in Phoenix who purchased a really big concrete flower pot - the kind you'd see outside a hotel entrance holding massive amounts of flowers. They had it delivered to their backyard and built a little patio over/around it. Put some patio furniture around it. It's an awesome fire pit.

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Oh, but those Hershey bars SCREAM my name when no one is home!

    We love having bonfires...haven't had so many lately with the kids a little older, but just the smell of the logs burning is a happy, happy thing. Great memories being stored in the minds of your children!


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