Stain or Paint Concrete Floor

What is under that carpet? If the answer is concrete and you are ready for an easy, affordable solution to new flooring you can paint or stain your sub floor.

In the first example an acid stain was applied to new, clean concrete. I followed the manufacturer's directions and then topped it with three coats of an exterior gloss concrete sealer. DIY cost approximately $300.

The second example was accomplished by using latex paint. Because the floor continued into the kitchen area where 15 years of linoleum glue had sat, stain would not have taken evenly in the entire space. After the floor was faux painted I topped it with two coats of exterior gloss concrete sealer. This floor was cleaned 6 times a year using mop-n-glo to keep the shine. DIY cost approximately $100.

If you are wanting to stain or paint your floor and you are wondering which method is best for you, I suggest using latex paint. After doing both methods to accomplish a very similar look, I recommend paint because the cost is more affordable, the product is safer for your family, the process is much easier and the paint holds up to traffic just as well as the stain.

This post is my contribution to Watercooler Wednesday, where lots of creative ideas are shared.


  1. thanks for these great ideas.... I'm tearing up my ugly carpet right now!!!!

  2. I didn't realize how easily you finished your floors. I think I will have to tackle my basement sooner than I had originally planned. Yay for great (and affordable) ideas! Yay for Tahni!

  3. I love your work! Gorgeous and a great price too. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Great ideas.. you got me thinking for our basement!

  5. You have great ideas. When are you going to post again?


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