Stretching Your Budget and Your Curtains

The drapes in my bedroom were purchased from a catalog. They match the Euro Shams I made my headboard from. My ceilings are 9 feet tall and the catalog curtains were not available in that length. My solution was to purchase an extra set to cut and attach on the bottom of the standard size. When doing this yourself there are a couple rules to keep in mind.

Creative can look custom. It was easy to make my curtains look custom. The pillow shams I used to make the headboard had a tan stitching detail. I copied this detail after I added on my extra length. That may not be as easy for you. Try using a different color of the same curtain on the bottom. Iron on a strip of ribbon at the seam in your accent color. Use two curtain colors and cut and sew them into 4 or 6 stripes.

Choose a line of sight. What you don't want to do, it just stick the extra length you need on the bottom of curtain you already have. When adding on the extra length, find height to attach the length where your eye is already going to flow. The bottom of the window sill would be a good choice. This is where I placed it on my curtains. This will make the room feel custom and intentional.

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