Stocking Mantel Topper

As my family grows with children marrying and grand-babies being born, so does my stocking collection! We have simply outgrown my "peace" and snowflake hooks that once sat atop the mantel. This year I had to create something new and with a little planning for future stockings.

I call it a stocking mantel topper. It is basically a custom shelf that fits directly over the top of my mantel and looks like it is the mantel!

Let's back up. This is what my mantel looks like without the stocking mantel topper. So now you can see, it does look a little different and by looking at the first picture you can now see the topper.

The construction was pretty simple and I was able to put it together and get it painted in one afternoon. Here is how it's done.

1 large pine board (I used a 1x12 8 feet long with the length then cut to size)
2 1x3 pine boards for the front and sides
Wood trim (I found mine at an architectural salvage place for $.25 per foot)
Vintage drawer knobs

Basically you are going to construct a three-sided box the size of your mantel. Be sure to glue and nail to hold everything securely into to place then attach the trim.

Measure the spacing for the number of knobs you need and drill your holes before painting. 

Putty any nail holes and joints where two boards meet. Allow to dry, lightly sand, and tack (or wipe off) any dust. Apply a coat of primer, allow to dry, and then apply a coat of paint.

Once everything is dry, install the drawer knobs as the stocking hooks. You'll notice mine are all mismatched. Some of them were salvaged from the architectural store, some were in my basement, and some where new from Hobby Lobby--which I scored with a half off sale!

Tip: Cut the main top board about 1 inch longer than your mantel so it will easily fit on top of your mantel without being too snug.


  1. Gives the mantle another looks for a few weeks...we ladies like change. Very creative...I love it!

  2. Brilliant! We rent, so this would be perfect. What I ended up doing this year, was swagging artificial greenery garland across my mantle, and securing my stockings to that. That way, the only "damage" I did was a couple staples on the wall on each side, which should be easy enough to fix!


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