Coffee Filter Lampshade & More


I have yet to make a lampshade out of coffee filters but it is on my long to-do list!

Sarah over at Northwest Hospitality has directions on how you can make this pretty lamp.

If you really need detailed directions, then Ashely at Little Miss Momma has got you covered.

A couple years ago I did a post on my other blog on 13 uses for coffee filters. I thought it would be fun to share them with you here and add another use--lampshade--to the top of the list.

- Make a lampshade.

- Cover food when cooking in the microwave to prevent splatters.

- Use for lint-free cleaning on windows, mirrors and chrome.

- Place between ceramic dishes and glass bowls when traveling in your RV to eliminate
  clicking in the cupboard.

- Filter wine from a broken cork.

- Prevent cast-iron from rusting by placing a filter in the skillet to absorb moisture.

- Reuse frying oil by straining used oil through a coffee filter lined sieve.

- Line a plant pot to prevent soil from going out the drainage hole.

- Poke a hole in the bottom for your Popsicle and eliminate drips on your shirt.

- Soak up extra oil from fried foods such as bacon and french fries.

- Fill with a scoop of baking soda. Twist closed with a rubber band and tuck into stinky
  shoes or closet to absorb odors.

- Fill with fresh herbs and tie to be used in soups and stews.

- Rest your spoon on one the next time you make a gourmet sauce.

- Use as a disposable snack bowl for popcorn and chips.

- Make coffee! 

Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment.


  1. I had heard of the coffee filter lampshade but never saw a picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. how awesome is this project!!! i love it and thanks so much for sharing! :)
    you cracked me up with putting things together with cream cheese -- been there done that : ) LOL!!!!! sending hugs...

  3. Yes! Another tip! I use one to scrub the inside of Deuce's fishbowl when I'm cleaning it. Don't worry, Deuce the Betta is nice and safe in his keeper cup at cleaning time. Bunched up, the paper filter scours away any funky bits and doesn't leave lint or nasty chemicals.

    1. Good to know. Thanks for sharing Rhissanna.


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